General Information
Welcome to Agripicture's web catalogue. 
It has been designed to be simple and efficient 
to view and search. 
All the images in this catalogue are available for 
digital delivery as high resolution drum scans 
( clean RGB scans up to 60mb ) delivered on CD 
as tiff or ready for download as JPEG.

We specialise in agricultural photography and 
this on-line catalogue contains a select diverse 
collection of generic farming images. Ideal for 
advertising, brochures, editorial, calendars and 
many more uses.
The selection has also been carefully chosen 
so that a large proportion are suitable for 
international distribution. 

Agripicture aims to offer a personal service with 
local contacts in countries where we have an 
agency to represent us. Please see the how to 
order section. From countries where we are not 
represented by an overseas agent yet please 
contact us directly in the UK.

For UK customers only we offer the benefit of our 
extensive library of images representing UK farming. 
Call or email us any time for a personalised 
viewing of low res images in a private directory. 
Please give a clear indication of subject, usage 
mood etc and we will make a search and upload 
a directory of suitable images whenever possible.
This is a quick and easy way to view files in the 
first instance with the added advantage that third
parties may also view these files from a separate 
location if desired. All images may not be readily
available as drum scans however and depending on 
usage the original transparency may be required. 
However, we do not charge for this viewing and 
upload service. A search and service fee is only 
applicable if we need to use a delivery service for 
transparencies and CD's or we have uploaded a 
high res digital file and no final purchase is made.

We aim to offer a specialised, friendly and know-
ledgeable image library service, and to incorporate 
traditional service with up to date digital image 
viewing and delivery facilities. 

All phone numbers are located in ' How to order '

UK customers preferably contact 01398 331598  

Thank you for visiting.